Justin A. Nixon

Creating animations, films, and music for others and for myself.

Film & Animation

Characters that exist in the imagination come alive in film. Creatures from fantasy are made real in animation

Let's imagine together



I have spent the last few years working on a variety of film and animation projects. My passion is to see ideas come alive. Filmmaking and animating are a powerful way to create a new experience for a brand, an idea, or a story. I work in collaboration with a talented group of sound designers, web developers, musicians, production professionals, and artists to craft pieces that are intentionally designed from start to finish.

Working in a variety of production settings is essential for any artists or creator. I intentionally seek out people and projects that align passions with robust skill sets. I want to facilitate the creation of my clients vision, and that means finding the best people to work on that project.

I am comfortable working both on set and in post production. Working fluidly through the Adobe Creative Suite, a range of 3D applications, sound design programs, and color correction solutions allows me to be involved in every stage of production to ensure consistency and quality.

Idea Generation

I work with you to craft your idea so that it won't get stuck in production traps or held up by limitations.

Full Service

My collaborative team allows me to take care of the full scale of production so that you aren't fielding hundreds of emails and can focus instead on the integrity of the project.


My social and web development collaborators can build out, share, market, and engage around your content once we have a final project. They can also help generate buzz before a project is completed.



team member
Justin Nixon

Justin is the fearless team leader. He works tirelessly overseeing collaborative projects and contributing creative and experimental visuals.

team member
Paul Zito
Composer and Sound Designer

Paul creates soundscapes, audio jungles, and sonic paintings for the team. He works with a variety of instrumentation, foley methods, and both digital and analog equipment.

team member
Robert LaValley

LaValley provides clarity and direction post-production. His skills as an editor have been honed on a variety of long and short form projects. His passion for storytelling makes him a compelling editor.

team member
Jordan Serra
Director of Photography

For live action, stop motion, and animation projects, Jordan provides visual guidance and exacting execution. He contributes valuable asthetic training and an eye for detail to the team.