Battery Life - A Stop Motion Film
Justin Nixon - Directing/Animation Reel 2015
  These are the full versions of some of the projects shown in my reel. It is important that my client work is just as characteristic of my style as my personal work.
  ALVA is a pop-up cafe devised and run by myself, Austyn Nixon, and event planning by Doug North Cook. All design work for the ALVA logo and the marketing material was formulated to give a consistency to our brand. Additionally, I have been roasting beans since fall of 2014 and did all the roasting and pour-over brews for the pop-up cafe. 
  I designed two cohesive logos for this artisanal, leather company in conjunction with the creation of their brand. 
  All of the images featured here were taken, edited, and manipulated on my iPhone 6. They have proven to be a great outlet for my creativity when a long term project isn’t an option. For these particular images, I have used the following apps: VSCOcam, Mextures, Circular, and Union. See more at my Instagram - @justinanixon.